Introducing UltiLift: The ultimate home lift for style in any space

After a very busy and exciting 2019, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the UltiLift! For the first time, Innova have entered the home lift market – adding a new branch to the range of healthcare equipment we can design, install, service and advice on.

The UltiLift is a brand-new through floor lift for UK homes. Uniquely for a domestic lift, the Ultilift range is completely adaptable. Each lift is bespoke – the size and all aspects of the design can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Why are domestic lifts important?

We’ve had a record-breaking year. We saw 70% growth compared to 2018 and the team is expanding faster than ever! Supplying more of our cutting-edge care equipment across the country has been a huge step in our mission to enhance quality of life through innovation for as many people as possible. We’ve worked on everything from installing ceiling track hoists up in Orkney to delivering interior design consultation down in Windsor.

But when working on case management and litigation projects, for clients with diverse accessibility requirements, we noticed a common issue. Many people with disabilities were restricted in their own homes. There was no way for them to move up and down stairs without going through extensive renovation work. Then, even if they went ahead with the work, they were left with a noisy and bulky lift that intruded into the rest of the room.

We wanted to deliver something better – home lifts that were versatile and could be adapted to suit our clients’ clinical and design needs. That’s what lead us to the UltiLift.

Flexible for the user

For small homes and properties with sloped ceilings, low door heights, and other unique room layouts, the UltiLift is ideal. The complete flexibility avoids the major property adaptation costs required to fit a standard sized lift. The UltiLift works with the space available, making it well suited to private residences and care homes where avoiding upheaval and maintaining a homely feel are top priorities.

Ramsey Hulbert, Specialist Equipment Advisor at Innova, said:

“One of the first UltiLifts we installed was for a client with Cerebral Palsy. We were working on a full home refurbishment – installing hoist systems and adapting the bathroom – and realised that a lift would really help him move around the house more easily. Our client cannot mobilise, so uses a manual wheelchair full-time.”

“There were a few must-haves for the home lift. The client had to be able to use the lift independently, so he could go up and downstairs as he wishes. The lift had to fit within the confines of the existing house layout, and it had to be in keeping with the design style of the rest of the home. UltiLift ticked all the boxes. We were able to install the lift into the one corner of the home that worked with window/door positions, complete with a personalised cabin livery design and electric powered doors to allow for fully independent operation.”

Built for safety and style

Improving the safety of home lifts was also a priority for Innova. The UltiLift can safely transport up to 450kg over as many as five floors.

A call sounder and telephone are available in case the user needs to call for assistance. Plus, the hydraulic power system allows you to safely lower the lift manually, without any backup, in the event of a power cut, fire or other emergencies.

Jason Fulcher, Case Management & Litigation Project Specialist at Innova, said:

“The advanced safety features on the UltiLift are great, but it’s the customisability that really makes it impressive. We are working with a client who has been restricted to the ground floor of his home. After learning more about his needs, we were able to design an UltiLift that he could use by himself.”

“Our client is paralysed on his left side. So, we created a special control panel that will be installed on the right-side. It has larger buttons and a grab rail specified to the right height for him to get in and out of the lift unaided. Special-width doors were also added to accommodate his power chair. We’re looking forward to completing the installation so our client can make the most of his entire home!”

The UltiLift is available with a wide variety of interior finishes, door and flooring styles – you can even opt for a lift that’s almost entirely made of glass! It blends seamlessly into any room and takes less energy than an iron to operate.