Innova works with the University of Huddersfield to improve pressure care

The Innova Care Concepts team has been working with researchers at the University of Huddersfield to investigate and improve pressure care equipment in the healthcare sector.

Joe and Tristan have made many trips to the University campus over the past couple of years and spent many hours working together with the researchers to carry out thorough testing of the Innova Somlent mattress and pump range.

These products are on the front line of pressure care across the healthcare sector. It is estimated that pressure injuries cost the NHS in excess of £3.8 million every year in the UK.

Innova has been in contact and assisting the team at the University of Huddersfield for a couple of years now. The most recent round of tests was carried out at The Future Metrology Hub, which is part of the School of Computing and Engineering.

Our Sales Director and Pressure Care Specialist, Joe, said:

“It’s been a real privilege to work with the University of Huddersfield with their studies. It’s great for us to be working toward a common goal of eradicating pressure injuries in healthcare.

“Not only has this given us as equipment suppliers actual evidence that our products are at the cutting-edge of research and technology, but it’s also allowed us to further improve our mattresses and carry-out continuous product development with expert opinions and input.”

The researchers carried out extensive body mapping tests which entailed laying on the mattresses for a long period of time whilst they measure the distribution of body weight. There was also a panel discussion that checked every aspect of the selected equipment against British healthcare standards and regulations.

Joe Hulbert laying on a pressure care mattress
Our Sales Director Joe helped test the pressure mapping of the mattresses himself.

The study then tested the hardware of the mattresses themselves, including the noise levels created by the pump and the integrity of the mattress covers. Innova’s Somlent range was then tested against other mattresses that are being used in hospitals and other care environments.

Further research was gathered in care facilities all around the UK, as a number of products were trialled and tested with patients themselves.

Pressure ulcers and other injuries are caused when patients cannot move or reposition over a long time to redistribute their body weight. Pressure builds up when you don’t move, and it eventually prevents oxygen from reaching the skin.

The lack of oxygen causes skin cells to die and wounds to form on the epidermal surface. As you can imagine, treating these open wounds is incredibly painful and expensive.

A campaign was launched by the NHS in 2012 to address the severity and spread awareness of pressure injuries across the country. Since then, our team has developed new specialist air mattresses, cushions, and other products that will help to reduce these pressure build-ups.

Check out the full Somlent pressure care range to see how we’re tackling pressure injuries head-on.