Innova Achieve Constructionline Gold Membership

Following a comprehensive inspection of our health and safety management system, Innova Care Concepts are pleased to announce that we have successfully attained Constructionline Gold level membership.

By attaining this accreditation, it demonstrates that our organisation has been subjected to increased scrutiny around governance and risk management, undergoing a detailed and thorough assessment of our credentials for quality management, environmental management, adherence to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and anti-bribery and corruption policies.

Gold level membership requires an assessment to be conducted for Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) by Constructionline’s Acclaim Team, as well as demanding visibility of Innova’s clear commitment to corporate social responsibility, including our obligations to targets for sustainability.

As a verified Constructionline Gold member, it gives our clients and partners the assurance of how we adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards as well as accountability.

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Who are Constructionline?

Constructionline is a register for pre-qualified contractors and consultants that is used by the construction industry in the UK.

Its database is accessed by over 2,000 organisations including central government, local authorities and main contractors, all whom require suppliers to be accredited before beginning the tender process.

A number of different memberships are available for suppliers to apply for, enabling them to be added to the Constructionline database.

Prior to their Gold (Level 3) accreditation, Innova previously held a Silver level membership to comply with Constructionline’s standard prequalification criteria for suppliers.

Hoists being fitted by Innova within Midland Met University Hospital.

How does a Constructionline Gold membership benefit buyers?

This platform helps buyers to quickly identify a verified pool of construction suppliers who will enable them to complete a whole range of projects, as well as helping them to save time and money during the tendering process.

Created to improve procurement efficiency, avoid duplication and reduce cost through the prequalification process, the Constructionline database helps to support buyers across the public and private sectors.

To achieve this, the process matches buyers with the most suitable suppliers based on the criteria that are most important to them, whether it’s related to compliance, geography or business size.

By working with a Gold level member like Innova, buyers can have confidence that they are working with an approved and accredited partner, that is also verified in accordance with the very latest regulatory changes.

Innova is a Constructionline Gold member
Gold level membership enables Innova to work with the UK’s leading construction companies.

Innova as an accredited partner

Most main contractors choose to mandate Constructionline Gold level membership for their suppliers, as it provides a guarantee that those suppliers adhere to the PAS91 enhanced questionnaire, therefore supporting compliance.

As a Gold level member, Innova can now enhance and grow their business further by working with the UK’s leading construction companies, which normally deem Gold level membership and SSIP certification a prerequisite for engagement.

Using our extensive experience in the public sector, we will be able to offer many significant benefits to buyers, from cost reduction to improved efficiency for inventory management.

This is the latest accreditation that has been achieved by Innova this year having been named on two lots of the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Storage, Distribution, Kitting and Associated Services framework (RM6282).

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In order to retain our Gold level membership in future years, Innova will be regularly reviewing our policies and performance and take important actions to continually improve.

First Fix Midland Met
Most main contractors require Constructionline Gold level membership for their suppliers.

Working with Innova

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