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Improving Access to Aquatic Physiotherapy at Home

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For many people struggling with chronic and complex conditions, aquatic physiotherapy can provide a lifeline. However, the reality of finding an available public hydrotherapy pool brings about a whole range of different problems. Whether it is growing waiting lists, facilities that are miles away or the cost per session, finding a hydrotherapy pool is becoming increasingly difficult.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for many individuals in need of aquatic therapy today. The demand for this therapeutic treatment is surging, yet the accessibility to local hydrotherapy facilities is often limited.

To help tackle this problem, this blog will dive into the solution of aquatic physiotherapy at home.  From looking at ways to support funding of home pools to new hydrotherapy solutions, we’ll discuss the options available to help transform your home into your very own hydrotherapy haven.

Shortage of Access to Aquatic Physiotherapy

In the UK, accessing local aquatic physiotherapy facilities can be a daunting task. Despite there being around 180 hydrotherapy pools open to the public across the UK, not all of those can be accessed regularly. Thousands of people in the UK face a daily struggle to find a pool they can use nearby, facing a number of challenges such as:

  • Many hydrotherapy pools are based in schools and are only open during school hours and terms
  • Privately-owned hydrotherapy pools can be expensive to access with the average cost of £75 for a half-hour session
  • People have to travel long distances to get to a pool, with a Muscular Dystrophy UK report showing almost 20% of respondents saying they travel between 20 and 100 miles for hydrotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy pools do not always have hoists, or accessible changing facilities

One of the most staggering findings from Muscular Dystrophy UK was that provision of hydrotherapy is far greater for animals than it is for humans. In the UK, there are at least 362 hydrotherapy pools solely for the use of animals. Compare that to around 180 pools that are suitable for people with muscle-wasting conditions to use for hydrotherapy treatment.

This means that for every hydrotherapy pool available for a person with a muscle-wasting condition in the UK, there are more than two pools available for animals to use. Using this data, it paints a clear picture of the challenge of finding local hydrotherapy facilities.

HydroPool Numbers UK

Home Hydrotherapy - How to Access

A hydrotherapy pool at home provides convenience, accessibility and the opportunity for consistent care that public facilities are failing to provide. It not only addresses the issue of lengthy waiting times and geographical barriers, but also empowers individuals to take control of their rehabilitation.

However, getting a home hydrotherapy facility has its challenges, especially with cost. Often those who require aquatic physiotherapy on a regular basis have a medical legal claim in place, where they have suffered injured as a result of negligent medical treatment. To help fund the installation of a pool at home, families working with a case manager will put forward a justification report where they prove the need for a facility for the client.

This is where an approved hydrotherapy supplier like Innova can help. Using their experience of working with families and care professionals across the UK, Innova can help support a justification report application. Judges in these types of cases consider the cost to the defendant of a hydrotherapy pool against the extent of the benefit which would be derived by the claimant. If a real and tangible benefit can be demonstrated, based on factual evidence corroborated by experts, it makes the case for home hydrotherapy much stronger.

Helping those enjoy hydrotherapy at home

Home Aquatic Physiotherapy with HydroSpace


Installing a hydrotherapy pool into a home requires time, money and extensive planning permission. It can also cause major disruption to home life, with noise and dust. However, modular hydrotherapy buildings offer a quick and cost-effective alternative.

The HydroSpace, a modular hydrotherapy pool, is built off-site to speed up installation and minimise disruption in your home. Pre-fabricated, the HydroSpace saves a huge amount of time in the lead process. Rooms don’t need to be out of commission to install a pool internally, or dust and debris causing potential health risks for those with complex health conditions.

Modular construction sees the enabling works carried out in your garden before your pool is installed, with the building craned in afterwards. By opting for this method of pool construction, you have an option that overcomes issues of limited space within an existing building. It makes the process of bringing aquatic physiotherapy facilities into your home much easier, and giving you your very own hydro retreat in your garden.


In this blog we’ve explored the pressing issue of limited access to aquatic physiotherapy facilities. Demand for hydrotherapy as a therapeutic solution is growing, but lengthy waiting times, geographical constraints, and financial burdens often hinder individuals from receiving the care they need.

However, aquatic physiotherapy at home can provide an effective solution. By working with experts like Innova, support is on hand to make it easier to have hydro facilities at home. Whether it is navigating the process of finding funding to install a pool or the options available to have a HydroSpace in your garden, there are specialists who can help you and your care team to find the perfect solution for your needs.

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