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Michael Wood

Michael Wood

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Can modular hydrotherapy pools tackle the problem of a lack of public access to aquatic therapy?

A report from ukactive has highlighted how the rising cost of energy has led to hundreds of leisure centres, gyms and hospitals to either reduce or close their hydrotherapy facilities. If you add this to the constraints families face around cost/planning permission to add a home extension for a pool, it is becoming increasingly clear that the need for aquatic therapy is outstripping current supply.

However, our latest blog looks at how modular hydrotherapy pools in the form of HydroSpace, can solve that challenge. Assessing areas including cost, we discuss how modular hydrotherapy pools can allow more families to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy on their doorstep.

HydroSpace Brochure

Read our brochure to see how our innovative HydroSpace can allow you and your family to enjoy aquatic therapy at home.

Are modular hydrotherapy pools cheaper?

When looking at installing a hydrotherapy pool in your home, you’ll already be aware that this is an important and expensive purchase. Whether it is part of a litigation case or an investment to improve well-being, you want to make sure that your pool will deliver value for money and meet your care needs.

With prices starting from £250,000, HydroSpace is certainly a significant investment. However, if you compare it to adding an extension to your home and installing a hydrotherapy pool and plant room, you’ll see that modular hydrotherapy pools are far more cost effective. Looking at the cost graphic, HydroSpace’s modular construction helps to make huge savings as it is typically 20% cheaper than standard forms of construction.

As everything is pre-fabricated in a modular hydrotherapy building, it saves huge amounts of time in the lead process. It also minimises risk and adds financial value as if you decide to move to a new home, you just take your HydroSpace with you, saving on the cost of architects, contractors and house builders.

** Prices correct at time of publication **

Minimum cost of a HydroSpace 

Home extension including pool & Plant room

Mini = £250,000


Max = £275,000


Wait less time to get your pool installed

One of the main stumbling blocks that delays or prevents families from including a hydrotherapy pool at home is planning permission. If you go down the route of getting an extension to accommodate a pool, you are undertaking a complex and time-consuming process, ranging from obtaining the correct building warrants, approval from local councils and confirming a date when the builder is available for installation.

Design tips for your hydrotherapy pool

Make sure your home hydrotherapy pool installation goes smoothly by reading our guide.

Reduce disruption to your home

During any home extension, you can expect a lot of inconvenience. With builders walking in and out of the home, dust everywhere and loud noise throughout the day, it can grow pretty tiresome. However, for those families with loves ones with complex care requirements, this added disruption can cause unnecessary stress, anxiety and health risks.

This worry can be largely diminished with modular hydrotherapy pools. A major benefit of a HydroSpace is that it is pre-fabricated in a factory, well away from your home. That means you have no rooms out of commission, or dust and debris causing potential health risks. Choosing to go down the route of a modular hydrotherapy building takes that hassle away, with just the enabling works to be carried out before your pool is installed. 

Modular Hydrotherapy Pools

Create your own rehabilitation retreat

Installing an extension into your home can provide a convenient way to bring aquatic therapy into your everyday life. An extension adds another recreational area of your home, giving easy access when the weather is poor. However, it is also important to have the option to have a space to escape away from the hustle and bustle of home life.

That’s where a HydroSpace can deliver a happy medium. Acting as a focal point for your garden, it offers a separate social hub for you and your family to enjoy. With a HydroSpace, there is real scope to customise it to suit your tastes, ensuring it fits in with your surroundings whilst meeting your care needs. From choosing the cladding, internal wall panels and flooring to more bespoke options like a canopy and in-built music, you can create your very own sanctuary.

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