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How to speed up Changing Places installations for councils

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As the countdown clock ticks down on the government funding completion deadline, we have some innovative solutions to help speed up Changing Places installations for local authorities in England. Whether it is limited staff to oversee a project or changes to designs and budgets, installations can be tricky and stressful to complete.

However, by working with an approved Changing Places supplier like Innova, we can take the pressure off. Scroll down to discover some of the innovative ways we can support you to ensure you meet the Changing Places funding deadline.

Changing Places Installations
We recommend getting your Changing Places projects signed off before 31st December 2023 to meet the government deadline in 2024.

Changing Places Council Funding Completion Deadline

Local authorities who received DLUHC Changing Places funding have until the 31st March 2024 to show evidence that construction work has begun on their projects. As part of the contractual agreement between the successful councils and the DLUHC, failure to meet that deadline will see funding withdrawn.

To avoid that scenario, we recommend getting your project signed off and ordered before the 31st December 2023. By getting in touch with our Changing Places team, you’ll have a safe pair of hands to support you through the design, install, and registration process, ensuring your facility is completed before the 31st March 2024 deadline.

To make that journey as smooth as possible, we’ve put together a couple of cost-effective solutions to simplify and speed up your procurement processes and Changing Places installations.

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Modular Systems Approach

One of the major obstacles that many local authorities have to overcome when installing a Changing Place is a lack of space and planning permission. With traditional construction methods, there can be on-site challenges and disruptions, whether that is waiting for material to arrive to putting procedures in place to reduce disruption for members of the public in high-traffic areas.

Each of those factors can cause significant delays, hampering the chances of a project meeting tight deadlines.

That’s why Innova specialise in a modular approach to Changing Places installations. Since modular Changing Places are fabricated simultaneously off-site while site preparation occurs, the overall timeline is significantly reduce. Additionally, the reduced on-site construction results in less noise, dust, and debris, minimising inconvenience for individuals visiting or working at a venue during the installation process.

Changing Places Storage

Confirming a date to receive delivery of a facility or begin installation work can be a major headache for any venue. The delivery process for councils in particular can be complex, often subject to delays with varying demands and timelines across different locations.

With their 700,000 sq ft of warehousing, Innova are perfectly placed to help take the hassle out of that process, providing a highly-efficient logistics and delivery service to ensure councils can access their Changing Places promptly, avoiding delays and minimising disruptions to other projects.

Whether you need a Changing Places delivered immediately or prefer to schedule deliveries based on your specific timelines, Innova’s flexible approach caters to your requirements. Through advanced inventory tracking systems and efficient stock management practices, Innova can support your procurement and project management teams so they can easily monitor and access Changing Places toilet inventory.

Instead of investing in dedicated storage spaces or facilities, councils can leverage Innova’s infrastructure on an as-needed basis. This eliminates the need for long-term storage contracts or the burden of maintaining storage spaces.

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Whether you have funding to install a Changing Places within an existing building or require a modular facility, we have cost-effective solutions in place to help save you time and reduce any unnecessary delays. With the clock ticking to get your Changing Places installations complete ahead of the March 2024 deadline, you can get the support and guidance you need from Innova.

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