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How much does a Changing Place cost?

Changing Place facilities are now becoming the standard requirement in lots of buildings across the UK. They provide a better level of accessibility for disabled users so they can have a safe and dignified experience in public areas.

With this change, existing buildings will and can upgrade their disabled facilities to include a Changing Place.

In March 2021, the government announced that £30 million will be going to the Changing Places Fund to increase the provision of Changing Places toilets in existing public buildings.

So how much does a Changing Place cost to put in your building?

Updated: 24th January 2022

What specialist equipment is needed in a Changing Place?

As specified by the BS8300-2:2018 regulations, there are certain items that need to be included in a Changing Place for it to be classed as one. Here’s what you need to have:

  • Ceiling track hoist system
  • Height-adjustable changing bench
  • Toilet (with at least one metre of space on either side for carers)
  • Sink with powered height-adjustment
  • Privacy screen
  • Wide paper tear-off roll
  • General waste bin and large sanitary bin
  • Grab rails, including one fixed on interior door
  • Shower located next to changing bench
  • Full length mirror (min 600x400mm)
  • Clothing hooks positioned at two heights (1050mm and 1400mm)
  • An emergency alarm
  • Be at least 3m x 4m in size

Your Changing Place must include all these features to be a registered facility. If any Changing Places supplier doesn’t offer you all these things in your design, then it will not be classed as an actual Changing Place.

You can find out more about Changing Places standards in our Compliance Checklist. It provides a step-by-step guide to ensure your facility ticks the boxes to be officially registered:

changing place cost
Make sure you tick all the right boxes in your Changing Place is integral for it to be actually classed as an official Changing Place facility.

How much does a Changing Place cost?

With all the equipment included as well as its installation, a Changing Place price can cost between £15,000-£20,000. This can increase depending on the specification of the equipment you choose, as well as any additional structural work that may be required to incorporate a facility into an existing building.

For a modular Changing Place, prices start from around £50,000, with a pre-fabricated unit able to be installed in half a day onto a prepared base with services already in place.

However, a Changing Place isn’t just about the equipment and installation. It is also a service!

Our Changing Places team collaborate and consult with all relevant parties to ensure they have a facility that is compliant. This includes design support, managing requirements and timelines and signing off a facility ready for registration.

For those clients who are looking to keep prices to a minimum, they can choose the basic options to ensure they are compliant without going over budget. For example, you might choose a cheaper free-standing height adjustable changing bench rather than a fixed one. You can save money on your Changing Place by choosing cheaper equipment.

As mentioned above, these Changing Places costs include both the supply and installation of the equipment in a package deal. If you choose to buy the equipment and assign contractors separately, then you could well be paying more money for your facility.

Find out more about Changing Places by downloading our brochure:

Modular Changing Place Render 1
Prices start from £50,000 for a complete modular Changing Places package.


Once you have installed a Changing Places facility, you also need to factor in maintenance costs.

To ensure your equipment is up to standards and safe to use, you will need to have your facility serviced once a year and have LOLER testing every six months.

Under UK law, any lifting equipment must be inspected and tested according to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER). Any registered Changing Place facility must have a overhead hoist system, so as a result, LOLER testing will be required.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) is also essential to reduce the chance of equipment failure, potential problems and accidents.

As part of our Changing Places service, we put together an agreed scheduled servicing package, looking after the maintenance of your equipment that is specific to your needs.

For a basic service only plan, including LOLER testing every six months, prices will start from £250 per annum. However, costs vary depending on the equipment specified.

changing place cost
Costs for maintaining a Changing Places facility can vary depending on the equipment specified.

What equipment should I get in my Changing Place?

It very much depends on what you want as the client, but we tend to recommend that you choose higher spec equipment to make your Changing Place easier to use. Bearing in mind that the user will be a disabled person and one or two carers, we think having better equipment in place will make it as quick and easy as possible for everyone involved.

Higher spec equipment will also be better quality and will last longer than a cheaper alternative.

We always suggest that you choose a fixed height adjustable changing bench; these can then be flipped up against the wall when they’re not in use to save space.

In addition, you can also add options such as a wash/dry toilet to increase user independence and personalised wall art to help the facility blend in with the rest of the venue.

These little things might cost you a bit more money, but they make it much easier for the end-user and their carer(s).

changing place cost
Choosing fixed equipment like this changing bench can make all the difference to the end-user and their carer. It will also last longer than a cheaper alternative.


To ensure you have a registered Changing Place, it will cost from £15,000, including the equipment and the installation. That may sound like a lot, but by choosing to install a Changing Place, you could end up bringing extra custom to your facilities as more disabled users will be inclined to use them.

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