How much does a ceiling track hoist cost?

Ceiling track hoists are specified, designed and custom-built for every single different client we work with. The price varies depending on the size of the room, the kind of system, the layout, and how it is installed.

Here are a few factors that affect the price of your hoist system along with some rough figures.

Size of the room

If the room you’re looking to install the ceiling track hoist in is quite big, then it goes without saying that the system itself will have to be bigger as well. The bigger your hoist system is, the more equipment it requires and the more it will cost.

How is the hoist track mounted?

Hoists can be mounted to the ceiling, wall, or even the floor! This can also change the overall price of the system because if you’re mounting the system to the wall, then it requires a larger profile rail.

This larger rail provides extra strength and stability that is needed when it isn’t fixed to the ceiling. Large profile rail is about 25% more expensive than the usual 65mm model.

A ceiling mounted hoist and a wall mounted hoist
A wall mounted hoist (as shown on the right) will typically cost more because of the size of the rail and the installation.

Different hoist systems

Another key thing that can change the price of your overhead hoist is the layout itself. There are two main layouts we work with – X-Y systems and straight tracks (read this blog post for more information on how they’re different).

Straight track systems tend to be the cheaper of the two because they require less equipment and take less time to install. For a typical straight track system with a hoist unit hung below the ceiling, we say that it costs around £2500 (again this is dependant on the size of the system).

X-Y hoist systems require more tracking and more time to install, which pushes up the price. For a standard sized X-Y system with a hoist unit, it’ll be a slightly higher cost of about £3500.

How it is installed

One thing that we offer at Innova inset tracking, which means that the hoist tracking is installed flush to the ceiling and doesn’t hang below. This makes the ceiling track hoist much subtler and it’s a lot better for infection control.

It costs about £100 per room where inset tracking is used. So if you’re installing 4 hoist systems in 4 different rooms, it’ll be an extra £400 for it to be installed inset to the ceiling.

Is it connecting to another hoist system?

Again, this is pretty self-explanatory; if you’ve got a hoist system connecting to another hoist system, it requires more equipment and more time to install. It ends up increasing the price because it requires more specialist components and takes longer to install.

A X-Y to X-Y hoist connection through a doorway using a magnetised transit coupling to lock it in place
If you’ve got two different hoist systems connecting via a transit coupling as shown above, then it will increase the price because you need extra bits of equipment.

For a below hung X-Y connecting to another below hung X-Y, we give a guide price of about £6500. If you’re wanting it to be inset track, then you would add on another £100 per room.

The Grand Total

Getting an accurate estimate for a ceiling track hoist system depends on all the different factors we’ve listed above. These should help give you some idea of the cost, but please get in touch with us and we can give you a no-obligation quote.

We can either visit the site you’re working on or we can design a system from plans – whichever is best for you. We also have our own design team who can advise on the best track layouts for you.

It’s important to note that these prices include the supply and installation of our hoist systems (including labour). But if you’re also wanting a price of servicing and maintenance of the hosts in future, then get in touch.

For an estimate for your hoist system, fill out the form below!