How to get the most efficient and practical overhead ceiling track hoist layout

When specifying ceiling track hoists, it’s very important to ensure that you get the best use out of the space in the room. All necessary patient handling tasks need to be considered to ensure maximum ease for both patient and carer alike.

There are countless different bespoke solutions for ceiling tracks, which tailor to every different client requirement. Future planning is also essential for if or when these requirements change, to provide less or more support.

Rail designs may vary from simple straight rails to complex multi-room systems. The following are typical examples of rail layouts and can be customised to meet the requirements of any specific situation.

Straight Monorail

A single rail, typically running perpendicular to the bed, provides coverage from bed to chair.  Limited in coverage, repositioning options and flexibility of furniture location.  Where required, the rail can be put on an angle to access a more suitable transfer area.

Straight Track with Curve

A single rail with additional 90 curve provides the same clinical effectiveness as a straight monorail with the curved portion offering a more suitable charging/docking station in many cases.  It is also possible to incorporate at this point a cupboard in which the hoist can return to charge in.  This offers a more aesthetically pleasing solution which hides the hoist unit when it is not in use.

Straight Track & Curve with Track Switch in En-Suite

As above but also offers the flexibility of being able to hoist straight from the bed or chair through to the en-suite and change direction to either the shower or toilet.

XY System

A three piece system with two parallel fixed rails and a perpendicular moving traverse rail permitting coverage under the entire XY system.  Advantages include optimal flexibility (easily made adjustments: from to back and side to side), full coverage of the bed, easy transfer to chair and pick up from the floor.  Furniture location can also be altered with no impact on transfer capability.

XY System with Transit Coupling Connection into En-Suite

The room covering XY system allows for complete coverage beneath the XY rail system.  Access can be gained to an adjacent room with use of a transit coupling allowing the caregiver to take the client directly from bed/chair to a position in the adjacent room. The XY system offers flexibility with respect to furniture location and offers improved clinical effectiveness, particularly for repositioning a client in bed.  Door openings will require modification to accommodate the rail and the hoist travel.

XY Connection to XY using a Double Transit Coupling

The room covering XY system allows for complete coverage beneath the XY rail system in two or more rooms.  Connections can then be made between the rooms using a double transit coupling.  This offers the optimal coverage in both rooms as well as fastest and smoothest room to room transfers.  This is most commonly used in a bedroom and bathroom/en-suite situation.

At Innova, we believe that a little forward planning goes a long way. We spend the time getting it right the first time, saving hassle further down the line. As a result, you get the best quality, efficiency and overall satisfaction you could ask for.

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