Different Hydrotherapy Pool Options

You can add lots of different hydrotherapy pool options to make it your own. Whether you’re wanting a simple roll-out cover or a built-in treadmill, it can be done in a stainless-steel pool!

So take a look at some of the features below to work out your perfect pool set-up.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are one of the more common extra features that are put into hydrotherapy pools. Just like a swimming pool, hydrotherapy pools also need pool covers to keep them clean and tidy.

Roll-out pool covers can are installed at one end of the pool and can be pulled out to cover the pool with ease.

Grab Rails

Grab rails are equally as popular as a hydrotherapy pool option. We find that rehabilitation centres and SEN schools almost always want a full-circumference rail installed.

These bars are mounted so that they are submerged when the pool is full and can provide extra security and peace of mind for people who might not be too confident on their feet. They can be installed around the full circumference of the pool.

One very popular hydrotherapy pool feature is grab rails
Grab rails can be installed in hydrotherapy pools to provide extra peace of mind for carers and patients alike.

Lights & Music

Colour-changing LED lights are a particularly cool feature that we’ve used before. These are below the water and create a colourful hue throughout the pool!

This is great for environments that want to promote relaxation or sensory stimulation.

Built-in music systems can also be included in a hydrotherapy pool. Speakers are installed to give you the ability to plug in and play your favourite tunes.

The music can help to promote relaxation, or it could be used for exercise classes and physiotherapy sessions!

Underwater colour-changing LED lights
Colour-changing LED lights create a cool, relaxing effect in the hydrotherapy pool.

Air Jets

Ever been in a jacuzzi? Well, it’s the exact same concept – just in a hydrotherapy pool.

Air jets can be mounted around the pool and will send bubbles of air out to create a jacuzzi effect. This can be particularly relaxing.

For more concentrated spurts of bubbles, then a bubble mat is a good idea. These are 40cm² mats that are filled with lots of little air jets that propel bubbles out of them.


Believe it or not, we can also install treadmills in hydrotherapy pools!

You often see athletes using underwater treadmills now to help with their conditioning and muscle growth. Well, of course, these are things that integral to hydrotherapy as well.

The treadmills are completely built-in to the floor of the pool and can be used for gait training and all kinds of physiotherapy purposes.

Waterfalls & Continuous Wave Systems

Waterfalls and cannons can also be installed on the outside of the pool. These will squirt and pour water into the pool.

Another interesting feature that can be included is a continuous wave system. This is a big jet installed at one end of the pool which will create a constant flow of waves.

You can determine the power of the waves, which is a great thing for a client in physiotherapy who are building strength.

A stainless steel water cannon hydrotherapy pool option
Waterfalls and water cannons can provide sensory stimulation in places like SEN schools.

So, which do you like the most?

These are just a handful of hydrotherapy pool options that can be included designs. But there are loads more available.

Do you have additional hydrotherapy pool options in mind that we’ve not listed? Let us know and we’ll look into it for you!