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64 local authorities have been awarded a share of around £7m to increase the number of Changing Places toilets in England.

Are you one of the local councils that has been awarded a share of the remaining Changing Places government funding?

Following the allocation of the first round of funding last year, the remaining £7 million of the £30.5m fund has now been allocated across 64 local authorities in England. This second round of funding has been focused on increasing the availability of Changing Places toilets in areas where there is currently little or no provision.

Part of 3-year programme of Changing Places government funding, it is hoped that this will increase the number of registered toilets in England to over 1,800.

To help local authorities understand what the new funding means for them, and how to ensure they meet funding compliance, we’ve put together this blog to guide you through what the announcement means and how we can support you.

Who has been awarded Changing Places government funding?

This latest round of funding will provide councils with a share of around £7m, focusing on those that have been identified as having the most need for a Changing Place. Round one saw the successful expressions of interest from 191 local authorities, sharing £23.5m of government funding to provide better accessible facilities around the country.

Now another 64 local authorities have been awarded funds to improve their Changing Places toilet provision. To see which councils have made the list, how many Changing Places they will install and the amount they will receive, click on the tab below.

How has funding been allocated?


Originally announced as part of the 2020 Budget, the £30m Changing Places fund was confirmed by the Government in July 2021, a policy designed to increase the provision of Changing Places toilets in existing public buildings in England.

Local authorities were invited to ‘opt-in’ in order to receive a proportion of the available funding, putting a proposal together to justify their levels of need for Changing Place toilets in public venues and tourist attractions.

To assess which councils had the greatest need for Changing Places government funding, a survey was commissioned in April 2021 by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK) and the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers.

Changing Places Government Funding

The survey, featuring 1,204 Changing Place users, carers and future users, assessed which areas Changing Places are currently used, as well as finding out where the highest demand for facilities were.

From those results, it was clear that open spaces, including parks and beaches, as well as tourist attractions, had the greatest demand to increase Changing Places provision.

Priority venues for Changing Places:

  • Public parks and open spaces
  • Tourist attractions including historic properties, seaside resorts and zoos
  • Cathedrals
  • Museums, theatres and galleries
  • Shopping malls
  • Libraries and public buildings

Looking for a modular solution?

We supply modular Changing Places for venues that lack internal space to install accessible toilets.

Who should I work with to install a Changing Places toilet?

The official Changing Places charity advises that you should work with an approved supplier to design, install and maintain a Changing Places toilet. Not only are they trusted and recognised within the industry, they also have extensive experience of installing compliant and registered facilities.

As an approved Changing Places UK supplier, we understand the importance of getting the details right. Once your funding has been allocated, you need to make sure your Changing Places is compliant, with factors such as size, access and equipment all needing to meet Changing Places UK standards and Document M and BS 8300-2:2018 building regulations so it can be officially registered.

To help you stay on track and avoid any costly delays or changes, our team can guide you through every step of the way. Using our experience of helping hundreds of businesses, charities, organisations and local authorities, click on the tab below to discover our Changing Places service, designed to save you time, money and improve accessibility in your area.

Working with Innova

Whether it is a local authority, business or charity, we have a Changing Places solution for you!

Take a look at our video below of how we supported RHS Garden Harlow Carr to design and install a modular Changing Places facility, helping them to improve accessibility outdoors for visitors and staff. 

Click here to read our blog.


If you are one of the 64 local authorities that have been awarded Changing Places government funding, this blog has highlighted what you should do next. In order to get your projects up and running, make sure you pick an approved Changing Places supplier. By doing so, you can rest easy that your facility will be designed and installed correctly and compliant with industry standards.

As experts in designing and installing internal and external Changing Places toilets, our team will be happy to guide you through the whole process. From free site surveys to consultations over building regulations, we’ll support you at every step in delivering a registered facility that will improve accessibility in your community.

Get in touch using the form below to get your perfect Changing Place.

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