Best UK Hydrotherapy Pool Suppliers

Not sure which hydrotherapy pool supplier to go with?

Whether it is to aid rehabilitation at home, at school or in a care home, it is important to know which suppliers can help you install the right type of pool for your care needs.

There are a range of different review sites available to allow you to view previous customer experiences, but it’s important to remember that no one site can provide a comprehensive and completely accurate assessment of your prospective supplier.

To make things easier, this blog has put together a list of the best UK hydrotherapy pool suppliers, detailing where they are based and what type of services they can provide.

Hydrotherapy Pool Next Steps
Stainless steel hydrotherapy pool installed by Innova for Next Steps.

Finding the best suppliers

When reviewing the main hydrotherapy pool suppliers in the UK, you will see that they each have something unique to offer.

Some suppliers offer a complete turnkey package that includes design, construction and installation of a hydrotherapy pool, as well as adding options such as spa seats, massage jets, bursting bubbles and moving light sensations.

Others are more bespoke in their service, providing wellness pools for spas and retirement villages.

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Hydrotherapy Pool Install
Hydrotherapy pool being installed by Innova for Lincoln St Christopher’s School.

Once you have decided what type of pool you are looking for, it’s time to start the process of vetting which supplier you would want to choose to take on your project.

Using information from the listed suppliers’ websites, this blog features what each of the main hydrotherapy pool suppliers in the UK offer in terms of their service and where they are based.

Advice from Innova – Make sure you ask prospective contractors if they work in your area before diving into the vetting process!

Hydrotherapy Pool Installation with Innova

Have you ever seen how a hydrotherapy pool is installed?

Take a look at our video of a pool being installed at St Christopher’s SEN School in Lincoln.

Aquasure UK

Aquasure design and build bespoke hydrotherapy pools, working alongside clients, their architects and medical professionals, to design a hydrotherapy pool that best suits their needs and budgets.

Available for both residential and commercial sectors, Aquasure deliver a wide range of hydrotherapy pool types including liner, concrete, stainless steel, fibreglass and acrylic.

Those pools include a wide range of sensory equipment including underwater sound, under water lighting, water features, resistance training jets and bespoke hydrotherapy massing seating and plinths.

In addition, they also include energy efficient plant room equipment to ensure running your hydrotherapy pool is cost effective.

One of the key benefits of Aquasure is their customer service, helping to fully train their clients and staff to know how to maintain a hydrotherapy pool.

They offer flexible maintenance packages to suit all, from scheduled maintenance visits to weekly checks of your own pool maintenance routine and chemical test results.

Hydrotherapy Service – Design and build liner, concrete, stainless steel, fibreglass and acrylic pool systems for commercial and residential sectors.

Office Base – AquasureUK Ltd, Unit 13, Portland Industrial Estate, Portland Street, Bury, BL9 6EY.

Designing a hydrotherapy pool means knowing what feature you want included as well - here are some air jet spas
Underwater jets

Buckingham Pools

For over 70 years, Buckingham Pools have delivered award-winning design and build projects nationwide in commercial and residential sectors.

Accredited by the likes of Builder’s Profile and SPATA, they specialise in bespoke wet leisure facilities of all types, including hydrotherapy pools, saunas and ice stations.

From constructing small residential installations to 25m competition-grade swimming pools, Buckingham Pools have built hundreds of pools under BS8007, using custom-made reinforced concrete pool structures, finished in mosaic or ceramic tiles.

Each project is precision-designed, with a complete turnkey pool package that offers options for stainless steel, acrylic and concrete pool systems.

With a reputation for high quality products, Buckingham Pools provide comprehensive pool water engineering solutions and treatments, including circulation pipework, filtration equipment and fully automated chemical dosing to monitor pool water conditions.

On the options front, they have a worldwide selection of premium quality finishes, as well as opportunities to enhance the space by including automatic pool covers and sensory lighting systems.

Hydrotherapy Service – Bespoke turnkey package for stainless steel and acrylic pool systems for commercial and residential sectors.

Office Base – Buckingham Pools, Dalehouse Lane, Kenilworth, CV8 2EB.

Hydrotherapy Pools: Stainless Steel or Concrete?

Kingfishers School Hydrotherapy Pool
Hydrotherapy pool installed at Kingfishers School by Innova.

When looking at the construction of a hydrotherapy pool, the two most common materials that are used are concrete, which is usually tiled over in ceramic, and stainless steel.

But which one is best?

Click here to read our blog on what each material has to offer and ultimately, which one you should choose for your care needs.

David Hallam Ltd

Over the past 50 years, David Hallam Ltd have won multiple awards for the design and construction of hydrotherapy pools in schools, hospitals, care environments and individual’s homes.

Working closely with architects and interior designers to advise on matters including pool size, profile, depth, plant room size and location, they are passionate about tailoring a pool to suit your needs.

Each of their hydrotherapy pools incorporates a number of design features such as spa seats, massage jets, bursting bubbles and moving light sensations to enhance rehabilitation.

David Hallam Ltd also offer the options of including moving pool covers, spa facilities and equipment to reduce energy consumption.

Hydrotherapy Service – Design and construct for hydrotherapy pools for commercial and residential sectors.

Office Base – David Hallam Ltd, Unit A The Poplars Business Park, Poplar Way, Catcliffe, Rotherham, S60 5TR.

Plant Room
Plant room for a hydrotherapy pool.


Founded in 1989, Hydrospec has designed, constructed and commissioned over 60 hydrotherapy pools across the UK, as well as the rebuilding of pools not originally constructed for the purpose to hydrotherapy pool specifications.

Their mission is to provide one-stop turn-key solutions to all their client’s swimming pool and water-related needs, exceeding standards and expectations every time for those in the commercial, domestic and luxury residential sectors.

Hydrospec pride themselves in providing the highest quality of design and equipment, including sensory lighting, air/water therapy, interactive aids, and UV sterilisation.

They also offer effective and economical solutions with little or no facility downtime, helping save you time and money on your hydrotherapy pool project.

Once your pool has been installed, they can address all your training needs, including pool plant operation, by arranging for Pool Plant Operators to carry out site-specific training.

Hydrotherapy Service – Provide one-stop turn-key solutions for design and construction for hydrotherapy pools for commercial, residential and domestic sectors.

Office Base – Hydrospec Ltd, Unit 1, 41 Tallon Road, Hutton Industrial Estate, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 1TG.

Drone shot of St Christopher pool
Drone shot of a hydrotherapy pool being installed at St Christopher’s SEN School.

Innova Care Concepts

Innova Care Concepts provide cutting-edge healthcare equipment and professional services to create environments that meet the evolving and adapting needs of the care sector, helping to enhance the quality of life where care is provided.

Catering for care homes, retirement villages, hospices, SEN Schools and domestic clients, Innova offer the choice of 12 different sizes of overflow and skimmer hydrotherapy pools, all of which are made from high-grade stainless steel.

Each of these pools have a number of options that can be added to make it bespoke for you such as Venturi jets, sensory underwater lights, waterfalls, massage beds and automatic pool covers.

Take a look at Innova’s installation of a hydrotherapy pool for Boston Endeavor Academy by watching the video below:

Innova’s project management team provides in-depth consultation, professional design services and support during every phase of installation to ensure your pool is safe, looks good and perfectly meets your needs.

They are available to help with everything from choosing the correct pool plant and pool position through to recommending the best add-ons for you.

When everything is installed, Innova will provide full training so you can get the most out of your new hydrotherapy pool.

Hydrotherapy Pool Boston Endeavour Academy
Hydrotherapy pool installed at Boston Endeavour Academy by Innova.

Hydrotherapy Service – Bespoke turnkey package for stainless steel hydrotherapy pools for commercial, residential and domestic sectors.

Office Base – Rofta House, Rudgate, Thorp Arch, Wetherby, Leeds, LS23 7QA.


Using the information listed on their websites, this blog has highlighted each of the main hydrotherapy pool suppliers in the UK.

From supplying a wide range of pool equipment options to a complete turnkey package, each company listed have their own unique offering and services.

However, the most important factor is that they are all helping to ensure that more people can access hydrotherapy facilities, whether that is at home, in a school or a care environment.

Want to know more about how to install a hydrotherapy pool in your venue? Get in touch with the Innova team today!